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Ch Stormy Point's Old Fashioned

"Maker" is our Teddy x Malibu son that will carry on his dads great genes. He is super sweet and loves to always carry his Kong in his mouth or play fetch. He loves every human or animal he meets.

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows = Normal

OFA Eyes- Clear 

OFA Heart- Normal 

Genetics Clear by Parentage


View Makers Pedigree

More Pictures of Maker

Copperfields Stormy Point Bite The Bulleit

We are excited to have added Bulleit to our Stormy Point family. He comes from some of my favorite older lines. He has outstanding temperament and is a true Velcro Golden. He is very Calm and is producing very mellow easy pups. 

OFA Hips- Good

Penn Hip .32/.46

OFA Elbow - R Normal L Grade 1 Documented Injury 

OFA Eye - Normal

OFA Heart- Normal

Bulleit's Pedigree

More Pictures of Bulleit


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